Science Driving the Data

Industrial Physical Capability Services (IPCS) uses a scientific proprietary mathematical model in order to evaluate job candidates and return to work employees. Isokinetic testing – based on range of motion, resistance, and speed – provides data that evaluates physical capabilities directly related to the physical demands of the job. The PCE® compares a Job Task Analysis target score to the individual’s:

Worker Force Curves as a Result of Isokinetic Testing

Comparison of a normal knee, graphed in green, to an abnormal knee, graphed in red.

Comparison of a normal knee, graphed in green, to an abnormal knee, graphed in red.

  • Force Curve Analysis- A graphic representation of muscle force capability throughout a full range of motion
  • Muscle Symmetry Analysis- Shows how muscle groups work in balance with one another
  • Strength to Body Weight Analysis- Predicts the maximal force that can be safely exerted during a particular function corresponding to body weight

All data is interpreted and evaluated by our expert staff allowing IPCS to make recommendations on the strength of the prospective and/or incumbent worker.

The Man Behind the Science

IPCS evaluations, as developed by Thomas B. Gilliam, Ph.D., are objective, standardized, defensible and safe. Since the inception of IPCS in 1998, Dr. Gilliam, founder and president, has developed a national reputation for his leadership and experience in assessing the physical capability of workers in North American industries.

Dr. Gilliam’s achievements include:

  • Doctorate in exercise/muscle physiology
  • University of Michigan tenured faculty member (1974-1982)
  • Co-author of the book Move it. Lose it. Live Healthy.
  • Published research in scholarly journals
  • Presenter at numerous conferences and symposiums
  • Four decades of experience in sports medicine isokinetic strength assessments and industrial physical capability evaluations
  • Pioneer in introducing isokinetic physical capability evaluations and their interpretation to numerous and varied industrial clients

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Gilliam has collaborated with hundreds of business, industry, and medical profession decision-makers planning products and programs to ensure a healthier work force.

Dr. Thomas B. Gilliam, Ph.D.

Dr. Thomas B. Gilliam, Ph.D.