Our goal at IPCS™ is to provide legally compliant, safe, objective testing that matches the worker with the essential functions of the job.
According to our IPCS™ database of over 300,000 new hire industrial workers, over 70% of workers have a moderate to high risk for injury or disease.
IPCS™ - a leader in new hire and return to work Physical Capability Evaluations (PCE™) as well as Physical Strength Risk Assesments (PSRA™) allows for placement of a healthier worker into physically demanding jobs - impacting your bottom line.
Over a five year period your average ROI could be as much as $17 for every dollar spent per year!
IPCS can assist you in building a stronger, healthier, more productive workforce!
Muscular Strength is the New Vital Sign of Workplace Health!

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February 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

Is the Shoulder Injury the New Back Injury?

Dr. Gilliam’s latest blog looks at the increasing number of shoulder injuries in industry. Click the link below to learn more about why this might be happening. Shoulder Injury the…

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January 21, 2020 in Blog, News, Uncategorized

Cancer Survivability: What’s Next?

Achieving a healthy muscle mass, no matter your age, is very doable with amazing benefits – including better cancer survival rates! Read Tom’s newest blog below.   http://www.ipcs-inc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Cancer-Survivability-What-Is-Next-Final.pdf

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December 4, 2019 in Blog, News

Another Reason to Build Strong Muscles!

The latest research continues to show the importance of building strong muscle mass! Click on the link to read Dr. Gilliam’s latest blog about a recent study that’s very interesting! http://www.ipcs-inc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Another-Reason.pdf

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Preserve Your Workforce Investment

Doing business in today’s competitive environment is a constant challenge, and labor costs are a major piece of the pie. To optimize the return on your investment, a safe, efficient and productive workforce is needed. The United States workforce is increasingly at risk for injury and disease, and less able to keep up with the physical demands of the job.

“Staying Active During the Coronavirus Pandemic”

Click the link to read what the American College of Sports Medicine has to say about keeping your body moving during this unprecedented time.


Musculo-Skeletal Conditions Are Still the Most Costly…                      And Getting Worse

The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans recently published the outcomes of their Workplace Wellness Trends Survey. What we found most interesting was an answer to the question, what conditions had the most impact on a company’s health care costs between 2012-2019?

As shown in their data, musculo-skeletal conditions represent the greatest impact on health care costs and, unfortunately, these musculo-skeletal conditions appear to be getting worse.

These outcomes support the IPCS findings that continue to show that the muscular strength of the worker is 12-15% weaker today than 10 years ago and the worker is 13 lbs heavier. In addition, the worker’s strength to body weight ratio is on the decline which means the worker’s strength relative to his/her body weight is putting them at greater risk for injury and certain diseases. As the physical fitness of the worker continues to decline, the costs associated with musculo-skeletal conditions will only get worse.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on muscle health and how to objectively assess it, contact Tom Gilliam at tgilliam@ipcs-inc.com.

Driven By Data. Reducing Workforce Cost.

Industrial Physical Capability Services provides standardized and objective isokinetic physical capability testing for new hires and employees returning to work. IPCS™ will reduce your overexertion injuries in a safe and legally defensible manner, simultaneously improving safety and performance, and significantly reducing workers’ compensation costs. Your workforce will ultimately be safer, healthier and more productive.