Our goal at IPCS™ is to provide legally compliant, safe, objective testing that matches the worker with the essential functions of the job.
According to our IPCS™ database of over 300,000 new hire industrial workers, over 70% of workers have a moderate to high risk for injury or disease.
IPCS™ - a leader in new hire and return to work Physical Capability Evaluations (PCE™) as well as Physical Strength Risk Assesments (PSRA™) allows for placement of a healthier worker into physically demanding jobs - impacting your bottom line.
Over a five year period your average ROI could be as much as $17 for every dollar spent per year!

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Preserve Your Workforce Investment

Doing business in today’s competitive environment is a constant challenge, and labor costs are a major piece of the pie. To optimize the return on your investment, a safe, efficient and productive workforce is needed. The United States workforce is increasingly at risk for injury and disease, and less able to keep up with the physical demands of the job.

We love when our clients share their success stories with us! Click the link below to read a testimonial from one of our valued clients, Lindenmeyr Munroe!

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Driven By Data. Reducing Workforce Cost.

Industrial Physical Capability Services provides standardized and objective isokinetic physical capability testing for new hires and employees returning to work. IPCS™ will reduce your overexertion injuries in a safe and legally defensible manner, simultaneously improving safety and performance, and significantly reducing workers’ compensation costs. Your workforce will ultimately be safer, healthier and more productive.