The loss of muscle mass and strength due to increasing age and lack of physical activity create a true risk factor in the workplace today. Individuals who fall into this category are at risk for injury, loss of functionality, reduced capability of being active and increased weight.

While all of these things may not be immediately life threatening, consider what impact loss of strength has on your workforce:

  • Increased medical and disability claims
  • Decreased ability to efficiently and safely perform a job
  • Increased lost-time
  • Decreased daily functionality

According to our database of new hire industrial workers, 14% of those workers fall into the High Risk category for injury or disease. Another 60% fall into the Moderate Risk category with only 26% of the current workforce considered to be at Low Risk for injury or disease.

This means that 74% of workers are at Moderate or High Risk for developing one or more of the following:

  • Injury on the job or at home
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Adult onset diabetes
female warehouse worker

Over the last 14 years, IPCS has analyzed data from over 300,000 workers that indicates physical strength can be an indicator of future risk for injury and/or disease.


The IPCS PSRA, a unique wellness offering, can have an impact on an individual’s health within your incumbent workforce, as well as on a company’s bottom line. The PSRA puts your employees on track to a healthier, more productive lifestyle through educational materials and information for building an individualized strength training program. These combined ultimately help to reduce obesity and increase muscle strength and functionality. As a result, your company’s injury and disease claims can be reduced significantly.

The PSRA assists the employee by assessing and confidentially reporting to them detailed information about their body strength, symmetry, joint stability, BMI, and possible health risk level. The information from physical capability testing can then be relayed to a certified wellness professional or trainer who can assist the individual in setting up a personalized program to address their areas of weakness and enhance their strengths.

In addition to the detailed report received by each individual who takes the PSRA, the employer can expect to receive a customized aggregate report which helps you determine how your employees measure up.