Why Exercise is Tricky After Covid-19

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A lot of time has been spent focusing on bringing employees back to work during the pandemic. But perhaps not enough time has been spent about bringing employees back to work who have had the Covid-19 and work in a physically demanding job.

In a recent message from “Exercise is Medicine”, Drs. Neiman and Denay were interviewed for an article that appeared in Elemental called “Why Exercising is So Tricky After Covid-19”. This article has great advice for people to return to normal activities including exercising after Covid-19. It also identifies serious side effects from Covid that should be considered especially for employees in physically demanding jobs.

It was not too many years ago that the worker doing physically demanding jobs was referred to as the “industrial athlete”. Remember many of the industrial athletes do vigorous kinds of labor for extended periods of time. This kind of work could have negative effects on the health of worker returning from Covid if the appropriate steps are not taken to protect the heart and lungs.

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Why Exercise is Tricky after Covid-19