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July 2017

IPCS EEO Opinion Letter

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IPCS is pleased to announce that its EEO law firm, Kastner, Westman & Wilkins, has completed its

review of the IPCS technology as it relates to EEO and ADA matters and has written an updated opinion

letter dated July 3, 2017, which can be viewed by clicking on this link: KWW EEO Letter 2017


The past couple of years IPCS has received many inquiries about testing the incumbent workforce.

Please note that footnote number 1 on this letter clearly states that the attached letter is

specific to new hires (and has application to return to work testing) but does not apply to testing

the incumbent workforce.  IPCS plans on addressing incumbent testing later this year.


Please review the letter  and please feel free to share it with your associates. Further,

IPCS would like you be aware of the fact that on June 6, 2017, the authors of this letter,

attorneys’ John McKenzie and Julie Trout, conducted a webcast on IPCS’ behalf on the legal aspects

of setting up a new hire physical capability screening program. Below is a link to that webcast.

Please feel free to access it and share it as well.  The webcast is 20 minutes.


When you click on the link, click Playback and then allow a short time for the recording to begin

since it has to buffer.  Below is the first slide that was accidently left off the recording.