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September 2013

Building Healthy Muscle Mass

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In the past I have discussed the importance of consuming regulated protein supplements to help with the prevention of the loss of muscle mass. That is still important, and now more details have been published regarding the importance of maintaining a healthy muscle mass.

The research shows that consumption of a balanced meal about one hour following moderate physical activity will result in protecting muscle and thus preventing the loss of muscle. This is especially true for those over the age of 55.

There is a new term people are talking about these days called “anabolic resistance” to muscle or protein synthesis. What this is referring to is the body’s resistance to synthesizing or building protein because of lack of protein in the diet. This becomes even worse when a person is physically active and fails to consume adequate protein in their diet, especially those 55 and older.

What’s the bottom line? Whenever you work out or do something physically active, consume protein within an hour after your workout to minimize the anabolic resistance so you can rebuild muscle and even add to your current muscle mass. What kind of protein? It could be a piece of lean meat, like chicken or fish. Or you could try milk, cheese, eggs, or even a meal replacement drink.

The combination of habitual moderate physical activity and adequate dietary protein consumption is critical to prevention of the loss of muscle mass normally associated with aging. Work hard to maintain muscle through daily activity and strength training and don’t let age become a factor.